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Tattoo Artists, And Why You Shouldn’t Just Pick One

20/01/2017 • Steve

About that tattoo you got on your neck during a drunken rant two Spring Breaks ago…everyone tells you it looks good, but it really doesn’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. On the bright side, you can make sure not to make an expensive mistake in the future by finding the right tattoo artist. That’s what Customs by T-Pen is here for!


The right tattoo artist:

  • Won’t overcharge for your tattoos. Or, at least, will be willing to negotiate on the price.
  • Will make sure you’re happy with your custom ‘tat’ before they even think of billing you.
  • Will cater to those who are afraid of needles.

If this sounds like some tattoo-related pipe dream, you need a new tattoo artist now. Not yesterday, not two weeks from now…now! Give Steve a call and see what he can do for you today. I can be contacted here.

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