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What Are The Most Popular Tattoos?

10/02/2017 • Steve • Gallery

There are so many choices! Do you go to the henna stand you see at nearly every fair? Your local artist down the street? Or ask your cousin if he knows a guy who knows a guy? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are a list of some of the more popular tattoos just in case you don’t want to investigate the sketchy shop on the corner.

1. Arrows

This idea largely comes from Instagram and Tumblr, where even the most casual user will likely see everywhere. They’re very artsy, and apparently arrows are considered the artsiest. They’re most popular with girls.

2. Pocket Watch with Rose

Surprisingly, the guys go big for these big doodles. The final design looks a little like something out of “Alice In WonderLand” or a steampunk novel. Some even come with gears.


3. Semicolon

If you’re familiar with the suicide-awareness project To Write Love On Her Arms, you might also know why Semi-colons are a huge deal for tattoo enthusiasts. In grammar, semi-colons continue a sentence that could have ended. Likewise, these tattoos symbolize a depressed person who could have ended their life, but didn’t. Not only do they look nice, they have a powerful message as well. Win-win!

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Tattoo Taboo: Do Jobs Discriminate Against Tattooed People?

10/02/2017 • Steve • Gallery

I know what you’re thinking right now. “Isn’t it illegal to discriminate?” Yes, but companies won’t always tell you that’s what’s happening (also the law doesn’t protect tattooed people). If a job doesn’t hire you, usually you’ll get a letter that says “thanks for your interest, but…” However, they don’t typically provide feedback or a reason why. They might not say it, but you could very well have been discriminated against. Here’s why it happens sometimes:


  • Tats are sometimes perceived as “trashy.”
  • People have stereotypes of tattoos only being worn by bikers and other hell-raisers.
  • Customers (especially in retail/sales) might not appreciate them. Businesses don’t want angry consumers.

The truth is, just because you’re tattooed doesn’t mean you’re “emo”, “goth”, or any other stereotype people may have of you. You don’t have to be sitting along listening to depressing music to appreciate this art form.

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Tattoos Aren’t For Everyone! A Quick Guide To Dealing With People Who Aren’t Pro-Tat

01/02/2017 • Steve • Gallery

Tattoos Aren’t For Everyone

It’s a fact, sadly: not everyone likes tattoos. Your mom may not approve of that new butterfly on your chest, or your girlfriend might hate it that you got your anniversary inked on your arm. So, what are you going to do? You could try to convince them that its art, but you might never succeed. So, with that in mind, here’s a guide to speaking with the person or people in your life who may not be so thrilled about your new art.

Let’s Have ‘The Talk”

No, not that one. We need to talk about your tattoos. If there’s a person in your life who doesn’t appreciate your ink, that’s what we’re here for! You can start by setting up an in-person meeting, and offering to talk through any issues. Remember, this is less about convincing your mother-in-law that you really needed a snake on your neck, and more so about getting them to calm down.


You might want to try showing the other person you understand their concerns, and then talking them through their issues. If worst comes to worst, you can always get the tat removed or at least try to hide it where possible. If you have any issue you can’t resolve, feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do.

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Tattoos: This Only Hurts A Little! (Overcoming Needle Anxieties)

24/01/2017 • Steve • Gallery

How many times have you heard “this will only hurt a little?” If you had a dime for every time, you’d be independently wealthy, right? Well, I’m here with good news: when it comes to tattoos, that saying is actually true! Most needles don’t hurt as much as you think they will, and getting a tat is far different from getting, say, the flu shot.

Overcoming Tattoo Anxiety

You’re probably thinking: “easy for this guy to say, he’s done it before!” Well, let me assure you that even the newest of tattoo newcomers needn’t worry about the pain. I’d even use the word “pain” lightly, as it feels more like a very strong vibration with a little bit of pinch.

Some artists, like myself, use products like ice or rubbing alcohol to numb the sensation even more. So long story short, you have nothing to worry about! If this post didn’t totally convince you, you can always contact me for more information and/or reassurance!  Until next time, friends, stay tatted!


What Should You Pay For A Custom Tattoo? Probably Less Than You Think!

23/01/2017 • Steve • Gallery

Custom Tattoos can be quite elegant and visually appealing. You might see a very detailed, multi-colored elephant on someone’s arm, and think “that must have cost a fortune!” The good news is you can get that “probably cost hundreds of dollars” look without paying through the nose…if you find the right artist and business, of course.


Finding The Right Place

Often, large tattoo shops will charge more for their art as opposed to some guy or gal who’s in private practice on the side of the road. Think about it: if I have overhead costs, taxes, employee salaries, and other expenses, I need to make more per tattoo, right? If I’m just a guy working for myself, I only need to pay me. The hardest part is finding a private practice artist that is reliable. That’s where we can help. Here are some places to search for reviews:

  • One of the most reliable review platforms in the world. You can bet if an artist has a bad rep on here, they won’t be in business very long. Word spreads, and fast!
  • Better Business Bureau: You can check with your local BBB in person or online at A quick google search will also typically review if a business is accredited, meaning the BBB approves of their activities.
  • Chamber Of Commerce: Your local chamber of commerce can typically be contacted by phone or e-mail, and can tell you about reputable businesses they’d recommend.
  • Word of Mouth-Of course, you can always ask friends where they got their tattoos and whether they were happy. At Customs By T-Pen, we’d love for you to consider us a friend as well. We want you to get the best price, even if it means going to another tattoo parlor. Please feel free to get in touch anytime.

How Do I Know If Tattoos Are For Me?

22/01/2017 • Steve • Gallery

Tattoos aren’t for everyone, honestly. If you see someone walk down the street with one (or more), and almost turn away in disgust, you may not want to think of getting one. Tattoos are an art, and anyone who believes in that art might be a good candidate for them. If your fear of needles is holding you back, allow me to ease any concerns you may have.

The Feels

Let’s talk turkey for a second: most people hate needles. The good news is that tattoos aren’t as painful as you think. Most people think of a flu shot, but a tattoo needle doesn’t go that deep into your skin, Additionally, some report an intense vibration on the skin. The piercing of the needle is really more a nuisance than an agony.


Is A Tattoo For Me?

A tattoo may be for you if:

  • You see them on others and think they look artistic, pretty, or just plain complement the wearer
  • Don’t have an immense fear of needles.
  • Want to try expressing something significant, like your wedding date or an image with personal meaning.
  • Have a friend with tattoos who can walk you through or help you during the process.

Still haven’t decided if a tattoo is for you? You can always feel free to contact me, and I will gladly walk you through any reservations you may have. Until next time, keep decorating your body!

Tattoo Art: What Should I Get?

21/01/2017 • Steve • Gallery

There are probably dozens if not hundreds of tattoos out there, so how do you decide on the one(s) you want to get? Some people choose a date or an image with some personal significance, such as getting their anniversary in roman numerals or having an animal they feel a connection to. Others pick out tats just because they look nice, or possibly because their artist helped them select it. At Customs By T-Pen, we understand everyone has their reasons for choosing what they do.

There is also the matter of choosing which body part to put your tattoo on. For us, that just comes down to personal judgement: will that snake tat on your arm still look good in 10 years? How about 20? If the answer is no, you might consider putting the tattoo elsewhere.


We at Customs by T-Pen believe that no tattoo is really a bad choice as long as you have the right artist. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Additionally, you can learn more about me  if you want to make sure you’re selecting the best possible artist.


Welcome To Customs By Steve!

20/01/2017 • Steve

This site is all about tattoos, and the people who love them! Whether you’re sporting a new neck tat, want to get something done, or have had tattoos for a long time, this site is for you. I, Steve, in my infinite wisdom, shall guide you through the art and meaning behind tattoos, and help you pick the right design and artist for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Let’s get started!

You can learn more about my background here.



Tattoo Artists, And Why You Shouldn’t Just Pick One

20/01/2017 • Steve

About that tattoo you got on your neck during a drunken rant two Spring Breaks ago…everyone tells you it looks good, but it really doesn’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. On the bright side, you can make sure not to make an expensive mistake in the future by finding the right tattoo artist. That’s what Customs by T-Pen is here for!


The right tattoo artist:

  • Won’t overcharge for your tattoos. Or, at least, will be willing to negotiate on the price.
  • Will make sure you’re happy with your custom ‘tat’ before they even think of billing you.
  • Will cater to those who are afraid of needles.

If this sounds like some tattoo-related pipe dream, you need a new tattoo artist now. Not yesterday, not two weeks from now…now! Give Steve a call and see what he can do for you today. I can be contacted here.